• Kapalini is a close quarters combat street fighting self-defense system, derived from a combination of techniques sourced from various combat styles.
  • The course content is designed in such a manner so to ensure that along with learning self-defence skills, students achieve a high level of fitness in terms of speed, power, stamina, flexibility, agility & mental tougness, and all this in minimum time frame possible. This is crucial as fitness is not only important to perform our day-to-day activities easily, but also plays a vital role especially in a combat scenario where you are facing multiple opponents.
  • Personalized attention is given to all students.
  • Training is imparted by the owner of Crime Check India & the founder of Kapalini, Mr. Anuj Saini who is a Special Force Army Police and Civilian Trainer.
  • It originated in India in the year 2013
  • Training incorporates a blend of striking, kicking, throwing, takedowns, grappling, ground fighting, joint locks and weapon disarmament.
  • It's an ever evolving combat system, which comprises of only those techniques that can be applied easily & instinctively in a real-world close quarter street fight. Moreover, several techniques that have been taken from different martial art styles, have been modified, to be effective in a street fight situation
  • It permits to do anything and use anything to survive (as it's not a sport).
  • All attacks & defences are realistic, & most of them based on a human's natural reflex.
  • Idea is to defend, attack and eliminate the threat in the minimum possible time, which can lead to severe or permanent injury or even death of the opponent.
  • There are different levels/belts under which the curriculum is divided.
  • Students will be awarded with a certificate/belt when he/she passes the test of a particular level. The techniques of the next level/belt will be taught only after student clears the test of the previous level.


  1. Beginner ( has 5 sub levels B1 - B5 )
  2. Intermediate ( has 5 sub levels I1 - I5 )
  3. Advance ( has 5 sub levels A1 - A5 )
  4. Fighter ( has 5 sub levels F1 - F5 )


  1. Each level has a specific curriculum and requirement.
  2. Each class is of 1 hour duration
  3. There would be a Belt Test after each Level, that the Student must clear in order to be promoted to the next Level.


Group Class Fee Details (per person):

Rs. 5,000/- per month

NOTE: You may opt for a Trial Class @ 500/- per Person


Venue CRIME CHECK INDIA (Central Delhi)
2567, Tiraha Behram Khan, Darya Ganj, Delhi - 110002.
(5 mins walking distance from Delhi Gate metro station Exit Gate No. 3, Violet Line)
NOTE: We have only 1 Training Center (at Darya Ganj). We DO NOT have any other branches.
Day(s) Monday, Wednesday, Friday New Slots coming soon....
Timings Evening:
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


  1. A trainee may undergo training at only one of the above time slots (a time slot once chosen cannot be changed, for at least a month).
  2. Only Students would be allowed inside the Training Area.